Tasting Everything: Normal or Not for a 21-Month-Old?

Mason still puts everything in this mouth. Everything. I thought that little phase would have ended months ago, but he shows no signs of slowing down, and it drives me absolutely crazy.

Everything is fair game: the TV remote, toys, the zipper of his jacket, even (gag) my flip-flop. He licks Aquaphor when we put it on his cheeks, and Vick’s when we put it on his chest to help his cough (after the Vicks he touches his tingly tongue and laughs). Then there was the Sunday morning that he sipped from the shampoo bottle before a play date (Poison Control said it was harmless, but I nearly had a heart attack).

I feel like I’m constantly following him around, telling him to get this or that out of his mouth.

Watching him stick my shoe in his mouth is definitely disgusting, and my reaction (Ew, Mason, no! Gross, gross!!) probably encourages him to do it more.  But  I worry that dangers, even beyond germs, lurk everywhere. We try to keep everything out of his reach, but he can open every door and he’s figured out how to outsmart the childproofing latches that we’ve put on cupboards. So we do our best to watch his every move.

His pediatrician told me that she gets calls all the time about kids who accidentally drink household products, so she said not to freak about the shampoo incident. And based on the information I’ve given her, she doesn’t believe he has pica, an eating disorder in which people eat non-food items such as chalk or dirt. (At one point, I channeled  Worst Case Scenario Mom and convinced myself that he did; Chris simply rolled his eyes and shook his head.)

But I still don’t get Mason’s fascination with licking and chewing everything! Is this another one of his bizarre little quirks, or does your tot seem to want to taste everything too?

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