12 Reasons Why Date Night Is Worth that Costly Babysitter

It’s no secret that childcare is pricey. According to a report on LifeInc., New Yorkers shell out the highest hourly rate for babysitters in the country, at around $15.50 an hour. The average hourly rate per child nationally is $12.75; and the average total booking for jobs was $67. Add the cost of dinner and/or a movie and you’re throwing down some serious cash for a few hours of freedom.

Back when my twin sister and I were in middle school, running our own babysitting business in our Midwestern neighborhood, we earned $5 an hour. If we were lucky. However, those parents (even the freaks) taught me something: Every parent needs an escape at some point.

Now that I’m a mom, I hire a nighttime babysitter twice a month. Some moms have judged me for having regular date nights, but they’re a huge priority for us. In fact, I’m obsessive about making sure we get private couple time. Here’s why.

1. Having couple time will give you the patience to deal with the next day’s temper tantrums. (I promise!)

2. Knowing that you won’t have to leave in the middle of the meal because of a meltdown is priceless.

3. Tasting your food instead of gulping it down before your kid gets restless is a total joy.

4. Dressing in grungy sweats, T-shirts, and sneakers every weekend gets old.

5. Wearing stilettos to a restaurant is more fun than wobbling around in them on the playground.

6. Putting on little black dress, tight pair of jeans, or off-the-shoulder top will make you feel sexy again.

7. Dressing in a white jacket (or pants) is okay, because there’s no grubby little fingers to dirty it up.

8. Sipping a glass of wine (or three) without having to call it “Mommy tea” will make you feel less guilty.

9. Taking time to reconnect will help keep things hot between the sheets (even without 50 Shades of Grey).

10. Staying out past 7 p.m. is more fun–no bath/bedtime routine on date night.

11. Dropping an f-bomb, b-bomb, or s-bomb as many times as you want is kinda fun.

12. Being called by your first name, instead of So-and-So’s Mommy, feels just like old times.

Do you love date night, too? If so, dish why!

Photo: Couple having dinner at a restaurant via Phil Date/Shutterstock.com

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