Dressed by Daddy

Chris is an awesome father. But the outfits that he comes up with for our son are crazy wrong. I normally pick out what Mason wears, but today I dropped the ball, rushing out the door for work and totally forgetting to lay something out. Now my boy is running around the neighborhood in a monkey pajama top, navy blue shorts, and a fedora.

Mason had a bad cough all weekend, so we kept him home from school. Chris took him to the doctor because I was concerned that Mason had a sinus infection. I had this vision of us ending up in the ER over the holiday, and I freaked out. Turns out, Mason’s fine. He has a very low fever, but his icky cough is due to a cold.

I assumed the boys would have a chill day at home. I assumed wrong. After going to  the doctor’s office in his wacky get-up (above), my boy hit the park. I think the photo is precious, but I’m cringing a little at what the judgey moms in our ‘hood must have thought. I’m choosing to believe the pediatrician has seen kids more poorly put together, but I’m probably mistaken. Child’s doctor is in the same neighborhood that MTV filmed The City in; the waiting room generally looks like a toddler fashion show. Must switch to the Brooklyn office.

I asked Chris why Mason wore his pajama top out. He was napping, and I wanted to let him sleep until the last minute so I didn’t change his shirt. But I did put him in different shorts.

Um, OK. Guess I should be happy that the monkey pajama pants aren’t part of the ensemble.

Anyone else have a hubby with quirky fashion tastes (and a good sense of humor)?

Photo by Chris Shott

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