BPA Ban in Bottles and Sippy Cups: What Took So Long?

Back when I was registering for baby gear, I naively believed that every plastic item produced for children was safe. Then I learned last month that although many companies that make kid products have switched over to safe plastics, some manufacturers are still using plastics with chemicals that could be harmful to your child’s development. I was horrified.

How in the world could that be the case?

One of those chemicals of concern is bisphenol-A, otherwise known as BPA–and yesterday the Federal Drug Administration announced that it can no longer be used to make baby bottles and sippy cups because of health and safety concerns.

Although I’m thankful that the FDA has finally made a move that I believe is critical to our children’s good health, I don’t understand why it took so long. Reports about the dangers of BPA have been circulating for years.

Why even take the chance? I say they should have banned BPA long ago, pending the outcome of their research.

Instead, the FDA has repeatedly stated that those findings cannot be applied to humans (researchers cited studies on rodents and other animals to help build their case). The federal government is currently spending $30 million on its own studies assessing the chemical’s health effects on humans.

And what about the use of other hazardous chemicals in plastic today? When will the FDA ban those? More importantly, what can I do as a mom to help make that happen?

It seems crazy to me that we have to rely on a number system to determine whether a household product is hazardous to our health.

One thought on “BPA Ban in Bottles and Sippy Cups: What Took So Long?

  1. I always buy the “bpa free” stuff, but I’m glad that it’s now being banned. That crap is scary!

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