Meow Mix Commercial: Best Temper Tantrum Cure Ever

There’s no question about it, the terrible twos are upon us, even though Mason doesn’t actually turn 2 until Sunday. He had a meltdown this morning because I changed the channel from NY1, a local news show here in NYC, to the Today Show. I needed to watch a segment for work. But Mason prefers the jingles on NY1, and he totally fell apart.

He threw his baba down–yes, I have failed to get him off the bottle and it’s going to rough when the doctor tells us to go cold turkey with it at his next check-up. He buried his little face in pillows. And he screamed and screamed and screamed. I sipped by coffee and tried to stay calm. Chris smirked.

Then this Meow Mix commercial (below) came on and the room got silent. Mason was mesmerized, dazzled, by the singing cats. His tears dried up faster than I can snap my fingers. Guess we know what to DVR (and play) the next time Bug has a fit.


What surprising thing cures your kid’s meltdowns?

3 thoughts on “Meow Mix Commercial: Best Temper Tantrum Cure Ever

  1. We are only at 17 months and the terrible twos have started already.

    He loves to make a mess with his sippy cup by turning it upside down and pressing the soft nozzle on anything to create a puddle and then splash in it. You take it away and whooo doggie…he throws a fit. Foot stomping hands shaking screaming red in the face fit!

  2. Congrats on finding an instant distraction! Change is stressful for adults and kiddos alike. I remember a parent who told me it was a sad day when her child had to throw away the pacifier because it was broken. There were lots of tears, and the other 4 were never brought out bed time when the pacifier was missed the child remembered she had to trow it away. Hopefully your baba will stay out of site and the stress will be reduced:)

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