About Me

I’m a stiletto-loving mom who adores sushi, red wine, and steak frites. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and two kids, Mason, 5, and Poppy Belle, 20 months. I’m a straight shooter who doesn’t have much of a filter. By day I’m editor-in-chief of the parenting site Momtastic.com. High Chair Times — a play on the fact that I’m a former food editor who loves to cook for my kids in my tiny shoebox-size kitchen — is my very own brand. Here, I’ll talk about the crazy things that happen in my life as a perfectly imperfect working mom, as well as the struggles (and the joys) that other moms share with me, and so much more!

Have a question or just want to chat? I’d love to chat! Feel free to e-mail me, Heather, at hshott at gmail dot com.

Photograph: Adriana Casey Photography

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Heather!
    I am really enjoying your blog. Makes me smile! I have taken the same approach with feeding my son Arlo and I look forward to reading more of Mason’s and your food adventures! =) The minty peas was a combo I haven’t thought of and am going to try- he does love his peas! Yahoo for Mama-hood and organic cooking! LOVE it!!! Hugs =)

    Question, how do you re-heat your frozen extras? I usually just cook 2 days worth at a time for Arlo because some foods seem like they wouldn’t re-heat well on the stove, and I am sheepish about microwaving anything for him…

    1. Hi Kym! Thrilled you are enjoying the blog. Thank you so much! I thaw two-ounce portions the night before (in the refrigerator); if it’s still too cold by the time Mason’s ready to eat I microwave for a few seconds.

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