Best Gluten-Free Raisin Bread

As an editor, I get samples in the mail all the time. It’s impossible to write about everything, so I only cover the stuff that’s really delish. Enter Canyon Bakehouse’s Gluten-Free Raisin Bread, the latest foodstuff to arrive in my mail.

We’ve been in a breakfast rut, so I was psyched to try something new. I toasted a few slices of bread with a little cream cheese for breakfast yesterday since Mason finally woke up fever-free. No sense having him try something when he’s sick and not in the mood to eat.

The bread was moist and soft, not dry and crumbly like so many GF baked goods. And it wasn’t greasy either (some bakers put extra fat into their breads to try to combat the dryness). Toasted, it was chewy with delicious sweetness from the cinnamon and raisins. I absolutely loved every bite–and so did Mason. It was one of the rare times that I wasn’t crawling around his highchair picking up scraps of whatever he was eating after the meal was over. Bug isn’t gluten-free, but he eats a lot of GF products since I am–and he definitely knows what he likes!

You can pick up a loaf at Whole Foods, or order it online, if you’d like to try it. We’ll definitely be stocking up on it in our household.


*Note: I do not accept compensation for product coverage. If I blog about a product that my family has personally enjoyed, it’s done purely as a service to my readers.

Photo: Canyon Bakehouse

Gluten-Free French Toast From Your Freezer

Lately we’ve been in a breakfast rut. I feel like we’ve always eating some combination of these breakfast ideas or muffins, and Mason seems as bored with our staples as I am. This morning I decided to make, er, heat up frozen, gluten-free French toast sticks that I discovered the last time I was at the grocery store. They toasted up crisp and were lightly spiced with cinnamon. I added a little bit of organic maple syrup…delish! Even Mason ate almost his entire serving. They’re not a replacement for homemade French toast, which we’ll keep making on the weekends, but they’re a great solution for us on busy weekday mornings. Yum!

What are your go-to breakfast ideas for weekday mornings?

Great Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

Best for Babies 10+ Months

Chris traditionally makes pancakes on Sunday mornings, just like his dad did when he was growing up. Pumpkin pancakes have been one of our favorites this season, and we also love pancakes topped with spiced fruit. This morning Chris kept it simple and whipped up a delish batch of cinnamon-spiced pancakes. We tried an all-natural, gluten-free pancake mix by Stonewall Kitchen, and the consistency of theĀ  hotcakes was pretty perfect. Fluffy and cake-like, not too thin and not too crumbly. Chris followed the recipe on the back of the canister and added a tablespoon of brown sugar, several generous shakes of cinnamon, and some extra milk. He drizzled some warm syrup on top, and served roasted bacon on the side. For a gluten-free mix, the price is a moderate $7.95 (I’ve seen mixes as expensive as $15), and every bite is worth it. Mason loved it, too, and ate an entire pancake by himself!