Do you microwave your babe's food?

I microwave Mason’s food sometimes. I make most of what he eats ahead, freeze it, and thaw it overnight in the fridge, but occasionally a little microwave action is necessary before I serve it to him. I like the microwave. It’s convenient and easy, and I have no problem heating up Mason’s food (or our food) in the microwave. In fact, it never occurred to me that I should be worried about it. Then I started writing this blog and a couple of moms asked me how to heat up their baby’s food without using the microwave.  I was a little surprised by the question —  I’ve always thought that if I use a microwave-safe container then there’s nothing to worry about — but I completely respect their point of view.  The topic of microwaving baby food came up again when I was on a flight back home tonight (I’ve been on a business trip since Monday) so I thought I’d throw it out to you all. I value your opinions! What do you think about microwaving your baby’s food? Do you do it, or are you opposed to it? Share your thoughts, or weigh in by taking this week’s poll.