Nutella Crepe With a Change of Clothes

Warning: Giving your toddler chocolate in public may leave you red in the face.

While visiting our friends Jeanne and Christian in Washington, DC, last weekend, we checked out a new crepes place. Mason and their three-year-old daughter Audrey split one with nutella, bananas, and whipped cream. Audrey emerged from the meal spotless. Bug wound up covered in it. It was so bad I had to strip off his clothes in the middle of the restaurant.

Judge me, it’s fine. Had I seen another mother pull a stunt like that, I would have thought Who undresses their kid in public? Jeanne and I might have even snipped about it on the way home.

But, really, I had no choice.

I knew carrying him to the bathroom with a fresh change of clothes was out because there was nutella everywhere. I could have carved out a picture in the wad on his shorts. So I debated dragging him outside (at arm’s length), finding a garden hose, and spraying him down. But it was 115 degrees out and I was convinced he’d get a sunburn.

It was clear the clothes would have to come off right there at the table, and then I’d change him into fresh ones. Fast. Jeanne eyed Mason and agreed that it had to be done. She even helped me out.

At least our weekend wasn’t boring.

Care to share your most mortifying restaurant story since becoming a parent?